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In 1991, when I discovered there were specialized courses in  subtitling, it became obvious to me… I’d become a translator for films.

After studying cinema in San Francisco, I returned to Paris to start my career at Cinétitre, where I discovered "chemical" subtitling, the technique practiced from the 30s to the early 90s. I’d handle the film, and using a microscope, I’d proofread each tiny zinc plate used  to etch the subtitles onto the film, frame-by-frame.

In January 1994, I joined Titra Film, where I continued learning the tricks of the trade as well as the necessity for meticulous subtitling made possible by the modern laser subtitling techniques.

For 7 years, I corrected more than a million subtitles, worked with  translators from around the world as well as prestigious clients from the field of entertainment.

In January 2001, I began professionally translating subtitles from English into French. My passion is discovering new films and properly adapting them for a French-speaking audience.
I’ve learned how to go beyond the words to reveal the inner meaning  while remaining true to the original text.

2014 : dubbing enters my life. A new passion is born.

Equipped with professional subtitling and dubbing softwares, and unfailing enthusiasm, I can provide you with high-quality,  professional French subtitles and/or French dialogues.

Hope to see you soon !

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